CREW Richmond UCREW Event at VSU

April 6, 2020
Written by: Skip Stevens

Recently, CREW Richmond had the opportunity to participate in CREW Network’s annual UCREW Event.  This unique event introduces college students to many diverse opportunities available to them in the commercial real estate industry.  This year, your CREW Network Liaison Committee and volunteers visited VSU to speak with students about CREW, as well as the construction of VSU’s new Academic Commons Building.

Muriel Rodriguez was a huge help with the planning of this event.  She put together an educational agenda for the students and secured several speakers who were each vital in the planning and construction of VSU’s new Academic Commons Building.

The event started with a brief introduction of CREW Network and CREW Richmond.  Then, the project was introduced by VSU’s, Jane Harris.  She provided great detail as to how the idea came about and how things got started. 

Next, we were fortunate to be joined by EYP’s Charles Kirby (Principal) and Keith Ledbetter (Mechanical Engineer), as well as Skanska’s Neal Whaley (General Contractor).  All three individuals also played very important roles in this project.  Through a bevy of detailed diagrams and discussions, they each provided incredible insight.

Finally, the VSU students were amazing!  They actively participated and showed genuine interest in both CREW and the VSU project.  And, thanks to Kelly All’s help, each student left with a stylish CREW Richmond swag bag, full of generously donated items from fellow CREW Richmond members!

As it is each year, UCREW was a ton of fun!  In addition to Muriel and Kelly, special thanks also go out to CREW Network Liaison Committee members Laura Lee Garrett, Jennifer Parham, Julie Farmer, Karla Kassebaum, and Oni Olatokunbo for their help with making such an incredible event a possibility!