CREW Richmond Past Presidents’ Fireside Chat

January 29, 2020
Written by: Tonya Futrell
On January 29, 2020, CREW Richmond held a Past-Presidents' fireside chat at Café Caturra.  The topic of conversation was work/life integration.  The panelists included Mary Katherine McGetrick (Williams Mullen, 2010 Past President), Liz Steele (GRS Title, 2016 Past President) and Ginny Johnston (Capital One, 2018 Past President).
Today, “integration” is the new buzz word, as opposed to “balance.”  Everyone’s work/life integration will look different based on your stage of life and career.  The panelists discussed how it’s more of a work-life “sliding scale” where priorities will ebb and flow.  If you try to focus on doing everything really well, you will end up doing many things poorly. 
It’s important to know how your company values work/life integration.  If the culture doesn’t support this, how do you start the conversation?  You have to know what you want and then ask for it.  Present results, facts, and what you need to those in leadership.  State why this is important to you and your company and express the benefits and rewards.  Panelists commented that high performers will get tasks done regardless of where they work and what hours they work.  Advocate for yourself, set boundaries, and don’t sweat the small stuff.