CREW Network Member Webinar

October 30, 2019
Written by: Brenda Karp

CREW Richmond held its first Member’s only Webinar on Wednesday, October 30th, 2019. The “Bring Your Own Bag Luncheon” was hosted by Timmons Group in their training room.  Seven CREW members attended the presentation on “Negotiating Your Best Offer” presented by Executive Coach Sharon Krohn.

Sharon explained three steps in promoting yourself:

  1. Building Confidence
  2. Knowing your Value
  3. Making the Ask

In building your confidence, she described the “Three P’s:” Preparation, Practice and Presentation as strong factors in your negotiating strategy.  Prepare what you want to say, practice in front of a mirror, in front of friends, family or peers orally and then present with confidence.

There are several methods in realizing your value.  Research is one of the strongest techniques. In utilizing websites such as Glass Door, Payscale and you will find a plethora of information on salary data.  Talking with others and exchanging information is another tool.  Remember Knowledge is Power.

When making “The Ask,” remember to look at the entire package not just the pay.  The package may include, vacation time, insurance, membership fees, travel, childcare, car allowances and many other incentives.  Again, research what is in demand in today’s standards, then “Make the Ask.”  Don’t be shy about what you need or want.

Sharon shared some of her personal tips with the group as well.

  1. Knowledge is Power
  2. Know your bottom line
  3. Quantify your accomplishments
  4. Prepare your “Star Stories”
  5. Practice out Loud
  6. Counter Offer
  7. Think in terms of a total compensation package
  8. DON’T Apologize
  9. Maintain Professionalism
  10. “No” simply means not now…don’t be afraid to ask again.

The presentation was educational and insightful and it provided a lively discussion among the attendees afterward.