2019 Spring CREW Network Leadership Summit

July 24, 2019
Written by: Meaghan O'Brien

Thank you CREW Kansas City! Our gracious hostesses introduced over 200 CREW members to America’s heartland in early June. Barbeque. ‘Nuf said. While I had great barbeque, I was also pleased to experience a city filled with people tightly bound together by a high level of pride in their city. You can’t ask for a better promotion of your city than that!

What’s new with CREW? The big news is that CREW Network is rebranding. The CREW Network refreshed logo will better reflect CREW’s influence in the world of real estate. Be on the lookout for CREW’s fresh, new look at Convention.

Speaking of Convention…. Have you registered yet? Stop right now & make that happen! The excursions are selling out fast. (Sorry, the behind-the-scenes Harry Potter event is sold out). There are pre-conference workshops to extend your networking & learning experience. Convention is your chance to experience CREW Network at its finest. Nationally-recognized speakers, personal growth & development sessions, and extreme networking opportunities makes Convention THE place to be this fall!

Brenda Karp and I were treated to a trip to Lawrence, Kansas. Why? It’s the home of CREW Network! The ladies of the home office hosted about 100 CREW members in a lovely reception. There are real people behind those emails we get weekly and they’re working hard to make sure each & every CREW member has the full resources of the Network behind them.

Last, but definitely not least…. CREW Richmond got a big shout-out during the Leadership Summit for reaching the CREW Foundation Trifecta. Our chapter’s generous donations are helping CREW Network fund 20 scholarships for young women all over North America. THANK YOU!!!!