March 2019 Luncheon Meeting

March 15, 2019

Attendees of the March luncheon meeting, attended yet another new venue for the Chapter’s monthly luncheon. Appropriately named “The Broad”, this Art’s District location sits on the upper two floors of a historic building owned by the architectural and interior design firm of Price Simpson Harvey, which is located on the lower levels. Vastly different from prior meeting locations, the attendees milled around the open area and admired the gallery located in the space as they greeted and networked with each other.

Patricia Miller with Brandywine Realty Trust then introduced the speakers for the luncheon program, Ali Greenberg and Stevie McFadden. Ali is the Founder of The Broad, a workspace, social club and community center for women and gender minorities. Stevie is the interior designer that worked on The Broad, and helped create the environment. Ali opened the Broad in February, 2018, and it primarily serves as a workspace during the day, and a social space during the evening. Stevie tackled the design project by focusing on the type of user experience desired by the project’s community. Ali, originally from NY, found the existing co-working locations to be lacking for her. She wanted connections with people, not just space. While there are some gender focused workspaces in larger cities, such as NYC, LA and DC, The Broad is the first of its kind in Virginia. The pair shared issues with budget constraints and the learning process involved in completing the project. When they wrapped up their comments, a lively question and answer exchange took place. The Broad works on a membership model with different pricing for usage and commitment duration.