CREW Network Update

February 15, 2019

I had the pleasure of attending the CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit in February and I am pleased to report that CREW Richmond is a “mover & shaker” chapter within CREW. I took this opportunity to meet as many different CREW chapters and members as possible with the goal of learning more about best practices for our chapter. I came away with a strong conviction that CREW Network does indeed work and it is not just for those members with a national footprint.

Yes, I was one of those members. WHY? Why do I have to be a national member? Why can’t my dues be less? I am no longer questioning the value of my membership. I’m not questioning any longer. I met women from Atlanta that are looking in the Richmond market. We met during a lunch break, chatted about families, found a connection & now we’re working together. It’s not all about where YOU are working. It’s also about where others want to do business. People are interested in Richmond (not just for the food). It’s a hot market that’s garnering attention in the “outside world”. CREW Richmond members are a valuable resource to people outside of Richmond. You just have to be CONNECTED.

HOW? How do you turn your name into a resource? The easiest way is to put your info on the CREWBiz profile. As a CREW member, you have the opportunity to put all your achievements, connectedness, and contact info into the greater CREW world. It’s like LinkedIn, but just for CREW members (and not as much “upkeep”). CREW members do use CREWBiz as their first stop when seeking information, leads, and support. It takes 5 MINUTES. Sip the Starbucks, create a profile, and make sure you include a headshot! The next step is to be ACTIVE. Start by using your local chapter connections. Have coffee, have lunch, meet for drinks. The point is to connect with someone you don’t know very well. You never know where this connection will take you. Participate in your committee. Read the CREWBiz emails. Instead of only checking BizSense, add CREW to your morning routine.