January 2019 Luncheon Meeting

January 15, 2019

Attendees of the January luncheon meeting made their way to a new meeting venue at the Marriott Downtown. We learned later that the Program Committee is testing a number of new meeting locations, and is looking for input from the participants with their satisfaction with the alternative sites.

The meeting then proceeded into its Speed Networking program. This annual activity has become one of the favorite gatherings among our members as it provides an opportunity for our members and guests to introduce themselves to other members they may have not met or have not had an opportunity to get to know well. It is also an occasion for our new members and guests to obtain a better insight into CREW and make some valuable connections. Coming into a group of “A” personality women can be somewhat overwhelming to those who are new to the industry or the organization. The Speed Networking concept breaks it down into smaller groups which make it less intimidating. Each attendee was assigned stations that they would gather and get to know the other professional at that station. At the end of the allocated time, the group would move on to the second assigned station and repeat the process. After four sessions, most attendees had an opportunity to really get to know at least six others they may not have known or known well in the past. The challenging part, other than finding that you had failed to bring a sufficient number of business cards, was breaking up at the end of each period. A number of members at various tables found they were engaged in hearty conversations and were reluctant to leave! It was a very productive event with lots of positive feedback from the attendees.