CREW Convention 2018

October 31, 2018
Written by: Ali Newton McCrickard

The CREW Network Convention proved to be an extraordinarily valuable experience for a first-time attendee. Over the three days in sunny San Diego, we were given a plethora of opportunities to network with successful women in our industry across the country, attend endless continuing education sessions, listen to a handful of motivational speeches by women who truly embody the CREW spirit, and explore a bustling and creative city.

In our educational breakout sessions, we learned about the ever-changing retail landscape and how retailers and owners must stay on top of trends. In a separate session, we were given insight into the controversial and impending “block-chain” extravaganza (which I previously knew absolutely nothing about). Each lunch session brought time to sit down and get to know members of our own chapter and other members of CREW Network chapters from all over. During these lunches, we were in awe of amazing speakers – my personal favorite being Robin Roberts of Good Morning America, who reminded us to always “make your mess your message” by opening up and discussing personal or professional struggles in hopes of someday helping others who may be dealing with the same thing. Allison Levine, another speaker, a woman who has climbed Mt. Everest twice, reminded us to “Be relentless about putting one foot in front of the other!”

Though each moment of my time in San Diego was memorable and beneficial to my career, the most important takeaway from Convention for me was the chance to get to know members of our own CREW Richmond on an uninterrupted, deeper level. I can honestly say that I left San Diego feeling completely inspired and re-energized and I highly recommend any member to attend convention next year and the years beyond to heighten and expand your membership.