September, 2018 CREW Luncheon Meeting

September 25, 2018
Written by: Debbie Reading

A huge thank you goes out to Hourigan and Norm Gold for their presentation enlightening us about the exciting new project at Nine Mile and 25th Street in the Church Hill North area.

Hourigan presenters, Forrest Nichols, Senior Project Manager, Mason Bowman, Assistant Project Manager and Katie Carleton, Project Engineer, each spoke about their roles on the project. They addressed its challenges, the timelines, the opportunities it provides for consumers and the impact the revitalization of this development will offer to the community.

Norm Gold, former director of FeedMore, spoke about The Market at 25th. Mr. Gold is the Developer’s liaison and Operator of the market. He highlighted that this area has been in desperate need of a full service grocery store for years. With the vision and financial backing of Markel Corporation and Mr. Gold’s expertise, this dream has now become a reality. Mr. Gold spoke about how the Market will serve the community in more ways than a store to purchase food and grocery items but also a gathering place and learning location for patrons.

With the foresight of companies like Hourigan and Markel, and people like Norm Gold willing to take the “first steps,” Richmond continues to evolve as a prime city to live, work and play.