CREW Network’s 2018 Spring Leadership Summit

June 21, 2018
Written by: Brenda Elliott Karp

On June 20th, Chris Hairston-White and I arrived in Cleveland Ohio for the Spring Leadership Summit. WOW! What energy and excitement! We had no idea for the next 2 days, we would have “CLEVELAND ROCKS” “CREW ROCKS”, ringing and singing in our ears. With one summit under our belt, we were beyond ready to see what this Summit would offer.

On June 21st, we started the day with Cynthia D’Amour, MBA, Leadership Strate-gist. From leading our chapter to engaging volunteers, we learned “Fresh is a MUST” and “It is all about the Experience”. We divided into teams and were tasked with de-signing experiences our members would love to attend. In closing, teams presented their “Fresh” ideas (BREW & CREW, Power Deals in Heels, Stacking your Deck in Your Favor, Martinis & Mugshots). We continued our networking over dinner with our CREW Network Board Liaison, Barbara McDuffie and other members of various chap-ters.

On June 22nd, Network and Chapter business was first on the agenda which started with a review of CREW Network’s Technology Updates and new Chapter Manage-ment. In the last year, CREW Network has launched a new public website, 35 new in-tegrated chapter and affiliate websites, and a new CREWbiz Member Community with Discussion Forum, Resource Center, Speakers Directory and corresponding native app. Have you visited lately? Are you utilizing the tools that are offered? Is your profile up to date with photo? Have you downloaded the CREWbiz App? If not, please take this time to do so.

Next, Best Practices & CREW Speak. Chapter representatives shared their best prac-tices and chapter experiences from what is working to what may not. Interesting per-spective from all markets. Keep an eye out in 2019, we hope to implement a few!

Lunch Guest Speaker, Angela Mago, Head of Real Estate Capital Key Bank was up next. What a story….. Her journey, yesterday and today. What a success! What a com-pany. KeyBank is committed to diversity and inclusion, dedicated to building communi-ty and partnering in communities. The Red Key is a symbol of the bank as well as their success as a business partner, an employer and a community leader.

With our 2nd Summit in the books, we must say, “CREW ROCKS”! With 318 partici-pants, this was the all-time highest attendance ever. CREW Network Leadership Summits serve as leadership laboratories where participants receive leadership train-ing, exchange ideas and demonstrate skills in a supportive environment. The Summit is attended by CREW Network chapter delegates and members who have an interest in developing leadership skills, expanding their network outside of their local market or becoming more involved in CREW.

We look forward to seeing you in San Diego!