2018 April CREW Lunch Meeting - Richmond 300

April 25, 2018
Written by: Allison Throckmorton

On April 18th CREW Richmond was able to take a look back at Richmond’s rich history. Maritza Pechin gave us a brief tour through time with a glimpse into demographics and structures that have paved the way to how we know Richmond today. The term, "Richmond 300," is a reference to Richmond City’s 300th anniversary in 2037, which runs parallel with the 20-year Master Plan.

A Master Plan/City Plan helps Commercial Real Estate professionals understand the shape and the direction of the Richmond market. Using trends from the past to propel us into the future, the city plans will help transform Richmond to meet the goals for future land use, energy efficiency, and a more vibrant city. Our April meeting helped each member think in different points of time—the past, how it effects the present, and the outcome of our future as residents of Richmond. Richmond’s rich history helps create a city that demands more out of its residents through their input and it was highly recommended to find ways to get involved. Anyone can visit http://richmond300.com to learn more and make a difference in the community we have built together.