March 27, 2018
Written by: Ginny Johnston

WELCOME CREW Richmond and thank you for the exciting opportunity to serve such a passionate group of like-minded women and men, dedicated to unlocking your individual potential and connecting with others. I would first like to thank the committed and talented Board Members who I have the pleasure serving alongside. These women invest their time and leadership skills to bring the best value to our members, and I am inspired by their influence.

A women’s network is a powerful circle! When I joined CREW Richmond years ago, I had no idea how much this association would impact me both personally and professionally.. I was relatively young in my career and completely surrounded by male influence above, below and beside me. I was shy and scared to speak up. Scared of that big room full of men in blue blazers and khakis! Fortunately for me I was mentored by a strong and respected woman who was able to help me navigate the tumultuous real estate world. She shared her knowledge, her wisdom and her humor; teaching me how to bring my whole self to all that I do. It was my mentor that recommended joining CREW and the power of networking. She recommended joining CREW…for me.

I soon realized that CREW is not just where the business happens. (We do that day in and day out.) CREW is the network where we can embrace our female advantage, bring our whole selves to our industry and grow. I have learned that the times in my life that I have grown the most and been the happiest are those times when I had strong female leaders around me. CREW Richmond is the catalyst of my growth. It is the electric current; invisible but powerful.

Our goals for this year are to provide our members and partners with opportunities to support your growth and extend your reach to those around you. I encourage you to take those opportunities and surround yourself with your CREW peers. Get involved! Learn from those who have been in your shoes and grow from their influence. Share your wisdom and be that mentor. You can make a difference for yourself and for someone else. You are the electricity. Embrace the Power of the CREW Network!

Thank you and I look forward to this coming year with gusto!


Ginny Johnston
CREW Richmond President 2018