President's Message

December 31, 2017
Written by: Rowena Fratarcangelo

I’ll admit it. I’ve been putting off writing this article. It wasn’t because I was procrastinating, really! This is meant to be a year-end wrap-up message and a “fond farewell” as your 2017 president. Typing up highlights of the past year isn’t difficult. This year’s CREW Board has been fantastic, our members have been active and engaged, and the number and caliber of new members we’ve been happy to welcome this year has been impressive.

I’m just not ready to admit that my year as president is almost over!

What a year it’s been! We’ve had eight informative lunch meetings, giving CREW members and guests the opportunity to learn more about each other (Speed Networking) and the region’s assets (VCU ICA, The Pulse BRT, and the new Main Street Station Train Shed) as well as hear from local (Jane Ferrara, Dr. Mary Hermann, our Art of the Ask panel) and international (Spencer Levy) experts.

We met all three Chapter Challenges again this year! We were proud to be recognized at CREW Network Convention in Houston as one of only 27 chapters who had completed all three categories.

This year’s Leadership Symposium featured an energizing and inspiring keynote address from national speaker AmyK, thought-provoking break-out sessions, candid dialogues with a panel of local executive women, and a special guest all the way from CREW Toronto – Tara Piurko, CREW Network’s 2018 President!

We’ve also hosted fun social events, including a fabulous Summer Social ($5,000 raised for Dress for Success!), a Dine-Around at the Boathouse at Rocketts Landing, two Membership Socials, a Sponsorship Appreciation night, and a Holiday Party.

Each of these events represents an opportunity to be active in CREW – to meet, interact with, and learn from fellow CREW members. And that’s a great start! But I hope that some of you decide to take the next step by joining or becoming more involved on a committee. I hope that you take another step and decide to serve as Chair. Once you have served as Chair of a committee and are eligible to join the Board, I hope you take that step too.

I’ll be forever grateful that I was encouraged to take these steps. I still marvel that I was given the privilege of leading such an impressive group of commercial real estate professionals!

If I can do it, so can you!