Board of Directors

CREW Richmond is managed by a Board of Directors that works together to set and accomplish the chapter’s strategic goals—helping to advance the success of women in commercial real estate. Serving on the CREW Richmond Board of Directors is a unique opportunity for leadership and networking among other ambitious men and women working in the commercial real estate field. All CREW Richmond Board members, directors, and committee chairs serve individual terms of one (1) year.

Board of Directors


Brenda Karp
The Breeden Company
(804) 364-1006


Amelia Wehunt
Timmons Group
(804) 200-6544

Past President

Virginia Johnston
Captial One
(804) 519-3028


Meaghan O'Brien
Draper Aden Associates
(804) 366-6801

Amelia Wehunt
Timmons Group
(804) 200-6544


Elizabeth Lewis
(804) 418-6261


Chandra Lantz
Office of the Attorney General
(804) 786-1925

Director - Community Service/Outreach

Christian Creswell
(804) 649-9400

Director - Membership

Lee Ann Gudorp
Timmons Group
(804) 200-6495

Director - Programs

Statia Gibson
Harrison Bates
(804) 591-2439

Director - Sponsorship

Caroline Browder
Roth Jackson
(804) 977-3372

Director - Media Relations

Monica Marks
Wells Fargo
(804) 697-7146

Network Liaison

Meaghan O'Brien
Draper Aden Associates
(804) 366-6801

Director - Communications

Debbie Wake
(804) 643-4700

Reasons to Serve

  • Increased visibility within the CRE industry

  • Leadership skills and experience that benefit you and your company
  • Impact on the future of women in CRE
  • Expanded professional connections
  • Opportunity to influence direction and benefits of CREW Richmond membership

Time Commitment

  • Attend monthly Board of Directors meetings
  • Attend regularly scheduled committee meetings


  • Chaired a standing committee
  • Actively participated as a member of a CREW Network chapter for at least one (1) year prior to such nomination
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the purposes of CREW